Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus)

Had a wonderful opportunity because my wife Irene was talking to Gary and his wife who was in the same RV Park we are staying in. Irene was walking our dogs in the dog walk area and spied “Lazer” who is a female 4 year old Prairie Falcon (Falco mexicanus) sitting on top of a sturdy perch. Being curious Irene struck up a conservation with his wife, one thing led to another and we were invited to meet with Gary and observe and possibly take a few photos when he flew Lazer for her exercise. To say we jumped at the chance is an understatement.

Gary is a licensed Falconer who hails from Idaho and likes to fly his Falcons daily for exercise. Gary brought along a lifelong friend of his, named Chuck (aka Charlie Brown). Chuck was very good at answering our questions and filling us in when Gary was busy flying “Lazer”

West Wetlands Park-107
Lazer – with her Hood

“Lazer is a beautiful bird and it is easy to see her and Gary have formed a tremendous bond which must come with the level of care she must receive. During our questioning about how often she is fed etc., we found out that she is weighed everyday and fed accordingly so that she can perform her best. If she was underfed she would be weak and if she was overfed would be lazy and lethargic. After “Lazer” had eaten what Gary had given her there was a small piece of flesh sticking to her beak. Gary just reached up, wiped from the side of her beak and fed it to her with his bare fingers. If that isn’t trust I don’t know what is.

West Wetlands Park-
Gary & Lazer

Just when I didn’t think the day could get any better; I was given the opportunity to hold Lazer myself. What a treat that was, to see her so close up, feel her weight and be able to look directly into her eyes. What a marvelous creature. Irene took over camera duties while I was holding “Lazer” and she did a very good job.

West Wetlands Park-61
Lazer and myself, Lazer is the good looking one


Ruger; is a 2 year old male Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) and he didn’t fly that night. Because he was a very handsome bird, I did take a photo of him but was in a low light situation. Still quite happy about how it turned out anyways.

West Wetlands Park-109

Special thanks to Gary and Chuck for such a wonderful opportunity and education, to us it was very special!


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  1. Oh I live this sport I have even discussed discussed an apprenticeship with a local Master Falconer. Any chance you can drop by on your way home? Bought a farm and we are only 12 miles S of Sumas Border🐿🐿🐿


    1. Thank you Claudia; I don’t think we will be able to stop in this time, Irene’s brother is curling in the Canadian National Championships in Regina. This means we will be headed up a different way than normal. We are trying to make some arrangements with friends in Oregon in the summertime and there might be a chance then.


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