Irene and I drove out into the desert to do a little exploring, we wanted to reconnoiter some possible gold panning spots and also to possibly find some old tin cans. Irene wants to bolt some together in the shape of dogs and with their rusty patina should make some very nice garden art.

On our drive we found a spot where there were a lot of old rusty cans of different sizes and condition. We picked up a bunch of them, some had been only opened with an old fashioned can opener, partially buried. We tried shaking the desert dirt out before putting them inside the car. Irene was about 20 feet away from me, I heard her shriek and turned just in time to see her dancing around on the desert, apparently she shook a Gecko out of one of the cans and it ran around over her feet before disappearing into some scrub brush.

After we returned to the RV Park from our outing, I left Irene to unload the dogs from the car and went 2 sites over. She promptly showed up and informed us there was another Gecko and this time it was in the back of the car. Virginia claimed that they used to have some in their family so she offered to go and get it out. Virginia came back, showed it around and then let it go on the edge of the green space behind us.

The following morning Irene loaded the dogs into the car so we could drive up to Quartzite for the day. Just as we were climbing into the car she spots a Gecko in between the headrest and her seat. The dogs were unconcerned about the Gecko but Irene hauled them out of there anyways. I caught it in a small bucket and let it go into the same green space, hopefully the two will find each other and have more little Geckos

Photo Courtesy of Linda Rourk
Gecko or small desert lizard between the seat and the head rest. Photo courtesy of; Linda Rourke

I just shudder to think of the pandemonium it could have cause if she hadn’t seen it and it crawled out onto her while we were driving down the road. All is well that ends well!



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  1. Awe. I wish I could have seen this one. I giggled through and pictured my mom hauling three English cockers from the back of Divit. To

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